Saturday, June 19, 2010

LILIES IN MY YARD (and a few other things)

NOPE, NOT THE LILIES IN THE FIELD, these are some of the lilies in my yard. I have loads of these, they were throw-aways from my previous house… the were just tossed into the edge of the woods when I first moved here, but the woods got cut down and the space they were in got cleaned up and is now mowed… DSC_0473

The rest are in various garden spots around the yard. This one is very small – note my hand under the bloom to give an example of size. DSC_0474

This is another old lily, it has been divided and shared for years. I like the dark color.DSC_0475

Most of my other lilies were gifts, and they all came from Sterrett Gardens. DSC_0472 lily1 lily2DSCN2362 DSCN2347 DSCN2352 DSCN2361DSCN2367 DSCN2369 DSC_0373

Even Buddha has his favorite lilies.DSC_0402 

And this is my favorite… DSC_0471 I think there is a slight resemblance to one of the ancestors of Happy Happy! Dontcha think? She’s just about big enough to share…  DSC_0470

It is also the season for Hydrangeas. DSC_0476 My biggest one is magnificent. But I also love the color on the smaller one.


In the veggie garden dept, I just pulled my first cucumber and gave it to Beatrice and Grenville. It is my policy to always give away my first born, I was taught to do that by my grandmother. DSC_0480 Here is a new baby. DSC_0481 I love the shape of the leaves and the curling tendrils.

And St Fwankie is standing among some glorious colors this year… he just needed to be seen again.DSC_0479Look at that red!DSC_0482

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Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your daylilies are as lovely as those in the Sterrett Gardens fields and the first born cuke was delicious in salad.