Wednesday, September 01, 2010



Boy, as they say around here, “Ah sher am tarred!” but not feathered, thank goodness. Been getting ready for Earl and hoping he does not arrive! The wind chimes are down, Adirondacks are bungeed together, the plastic one is in a barn, hanging pots are on the ground mostly under bushes, garbage can bungeed to the old lawnmower. A few of the birdfeeders are in a barn, 3 to go… but I will save them for tomorrow afternoon so the pigs don’t starve.

It’s interesting, the phrase “eating up a storm,” isn’t it? Have you ever thought about it? Where did that idea come from? Well, if you ever watched birds, I mean seriously watched their habits, you probably have noticed how voraciously they eat just before a storm. Wouldn’t you like to have a peek at their weather channel? Do they have a chief meteorologist bird in each flock that warns the others of what is coming? Or is it built into all of them to know these things? Probably built in… another talent we humans have lost if we ever had it.

Ya think God asked Adam if he’d rather have all these awesome abilities, sense of smell, hearing, knowledge of weather events, earthquakes, or opposable thumbs. Thinking of the future and thumbing thru the channels on a remote control, Adam took the thumbs. Oh well. Hmmm, what would they have done in Rome’s coliseum? Thumbs down on that idea!

So, anyway, most of the day has been spent moving this, tying down that, hitting the grocery store with a gazillion other people. Most of the water was gone and the bread supply was low. Since I eat Ezekiel bread and drink organic 2% milk, I thought it might be a good idea to be sure I had enough on hand, but most of all, I had to be sure there was enough cat food on hand – just in case! Can’t have the boys worry about not having enough to eat! I usually keep a supply of what I call hurricane food on hand anyway, all year long. If its not hurricanes, its nor'easters to worry about!

After the store, I filled the van with ga$, then went down the street to get the extra propane tank filled in case I have to use the grill. I laid in a good supply of Starbucks which does not have to be refrigerated – in case the power goes out.


After the trips for ga$, I trimmed the low branches on the redbud and birch that have grown out too close to the new roof. A few are too high to reach easily with the pole clipper, so the charger is plugged in for the little chain saw. It is only an 8” saw, but the pole goes up to 12 feet. I have never tried it beyond 8 feet. The battery makes it usable for me. I figure if I can keep the chain 8 feet away, I might not cut myself! So, that will be my job for tomorrow along with closing all the windows in the barn and 2 left in the house.

The last job today was to pick all the ripe or nearly ripe tomatoes and the one cucumber that I missed yesterday. The rest are green or too small, they will last.

The news is still saying this one is too close to call, but we can always be prepared and hope for the best. I always figure being prepared is the best insurance that we will be fine. Also on the news, they had a little reminder about hurricane Isabel. They said that was 7 years ago. Gosh, it seems closer than 7 years… 5 maybe. That is when Spook and Punkin blew in with the storm and they have been here ever since. 7 years! Really? That means spook is already 7 years old… Punky is about 12 or 13. Bless his heart! And rascal came a few months later, so he is about 7. It is hard to believe we have had them all that long. Of course, we are just making a wild guess about Punk. Hadji is 12, also. 

Cats 009I just found a picture of Punk and Spook their first year here. Spookie was still a kitten. They were very traumatized by Isabel, it took several months for them to get close enough to touch – several months and a Thanksgiving turkey! Spook is still, um, spooky. I can touch him, no one else can. He runs when ever anyone else gets near.

I put a big box inside the greenhouse for Spook and Punkin to hide in if they feel the need. Punk hates bad weather, but, he will not come in the house. Spook will come up and knock on the door – a trick he learned from Punk, but as soon as it starts to open, he is gone and his shadow is busy looking for him!

I hope you all make out all right if you are in the storm’s path. And after Earl, there is Fiona, Gaston, and one coming after that! The hurricane Watch is now official…


Loretta said...

Good Luck! I hope Earl misses you, but it sounds like you are ready for him.

I smiled when you spoke of making sure you have cat food. That's how I decide if I need to go to Wal Mart. I will put off going if I need something, but if I need cat food...I go! I have a cat that turns 16 this month, he is spoilted rotten and a picky eater in his old age.

Take care, I hope they all miss you.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Busy, busy, busy you've been doing the stuff we will be doing at the F&P today. It's a lot of work for sure. Hopefully Earl will only be a rain event, but ya gotta be prepared anyway. Hope we all stay safe.