Monday, September 06, 2010



OTHERWISE known as miscellaneous whatevers…

If you listen to the news, they have all proclaimed the end of summer, and I for one will be glad to say good-bye to almost 40 days of 90 degree temps. I didn’t mind the heat when I lived in Turkey, because I did not have the Eastern Shore’s humidity to deal with. But, when you live 2 miles from the Ocean and 2 miles from the Chesapeake Bay, it tends to get a bit humid! So, if you want to say summer is over on Labor Day, OK, but I, personally, will wait until September 22nd or 23rd, depending on the calendar you look at. On the other hand, the mornings are cooler… a morning in the 60s sure beats waking up to the 80s, phew! In fact, it has been so cool in the mornings, the Rat (Rascal) is now looking for a spot of sunlight first thing in the morning, claiming it as his own.

DSC_0622While it is true the leaves have been falling since July because of the drought, they have not had any autumn colors… and there it was, the beginning of the Labor Day week-end – the first autumn looking leaf in the middle of the driveway.DSC_0633

Hmmm, maybe I should have called this ends and odds, since I seem to have started with ends. On the other hand, calling a cat the Rat probably qualifies as ODD, and indeed, Rascal is truly odd. He is a hair stylist in his spare time. Definitely odd, that little boy. grooming

Anyway, in the odd department is this little guy, sitting on the grill cover     – DSC_0646 I personally think of him as being beautiful, but everyone else who saw him did the Eeeeeeeewwwwwww sound. One great macho friend wanted to squash him. (He did not get the chance.) I thought it was like this little guy was wearing gold jewelry. Really, now, isn’t he pretty? (or she? I have no way of knowing) So far I have not found him in my Butterfly/Moth Field guide… but then I have not looked thru but 2 of them.

Another End – this is the old Bailey’s Florist shop… DSC_0629 it stood down town for as long as I can remember, not long by European standards, very new by Middle East standards… anyway, it is now gone, there is just a big empty spot where it used to stand, bare earth covered with hay. I will not get into the political mess involved in the purchase of the building by the Town or the triumph of the current mayor who had it destroyed. Torn down does not seem to be the correct word – destroyed is. DSC_0632

RIP – Rest In Pieces.

In the odd department, this red coleus is well over 4 feet high. St Francis is almost invisible in the cover of Strobilanthes and coleus. The bird bath has disappeared. DSC_0641


Ginnie said...

A nice collection of "Odds & Ends", especially the cat giving you a new hairdo!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Fall weather will be very welcome after the summer heat and humidity. Rascal looks good on his (your) head perch. Things going well here - miss home and will be glad to get back Sunday afternoon.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

From other blogs I realize the hotest part of the unusual summer is over for many, with a sense of relief.

Strange that such a sound looking building would be torn down. I guess great minds weighed that decision.

I wonder where you got the maple leaf. I have not seen a tree around here with leaves that far in colour.

Sissy said...

Give us the 'lowdown' on the building if you know. It appears to have been very sound and truly a nice style.

You've the inhouse hairdresser; I've the inhouse automatic bath towel and pillow warmer.