Friday, January 14, 2011


In case you missed what will most likely be a speech for the history books, here it is. (I hope this link works, I’ve never tried this before)

It is heartbreaking to hear all the hatred spewing from the mouths of otherwise good people when it comes to politics. Of course, some people are PAID to spew hatred and poison the minds of America, and they do it so well, the innocent believe them. Those of you who know me know I believe our goal in life is to learn to live together in Peace and as much harmony as we can manage, not incite others to hatred. Love your neighbor as you love yourself, right? I think those who cannot at least try to love their neighbor are those who, in reality, really do not love themselves.

Anyway, the speech made at the Memorial service for those poor souls who died in the Supermarket lot, was outstanding… not just for those dead and wounded, but for our entire nation which has been deeply wounded by the open hatred and imagery and lies spewed forth for power and monetary gain. Here is the speech.

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Ginnie said...

It was an amazing speech. I watched it with my daughter and son-in-law and we were mesmerized.