Wednesday, January 12, 2011


THE SECOND GREAT STORM of 2011 (drum roll please) did not happen here. Even my friends up in Dover, Delaware got by with just 2 or 3 inches of white stuff, BUT, they have a good layer of ice underneath all that snow. Here, in VA, it was a rain event, for the most part. However, we do have below freezing temps. As I type this, the temp has dropped to 30 degrees. It hovered just a bit above or below the freezing mark all night long, currently doing its daybreak dip of a degree or two. Haven’t you ever noticed how the temp drops as the sun comes up? As I write this, a sand truck just went by spraying sand over the black ice.

I got up early this morning, earlier than usual… I am trying to learn to sleep in, stay in bed until 6:30 or 7… as I was going to be on TV again this morning. I am the Southernmost Weather Watcher for WBOC, so whenever there is a storm, snow, ice or hurricane, I am the first one to be put on the air. This morning’s report was really quite boring vs the last time when we got 16 inches of snow and then 5+ foot drifts. This morning, only black ice to report, no pretty frozen trees or bushes, it just looks wet out there.

Several years ago I gave them a very exciting LIVE report… I don’t remember which hurricane it was, but I took the call outside on the carport. We had just spoken a sentence or two when the storm snapped my big maple tree – you could hear the craaaaaaaaaaaack on the air – Anna yelled for me to get back in the house – but it was fascinating to watch. The tree missed me (and the carport) by getting caught in between 2 other trees.DSCN2452  Fortunately I did not say anything bad (Oh CRAP!!!) comes to mind at a moment like that… I would hate to be bleeped on TV! LOL!

I have learned to be grateful for NO excitement like that! Calm and boring is much easier to live with.

Anyway, I am grateful we just have little inch long icicles hanging on the redbud, and also grateful for the nice layer of sand on the road. We cannot use chemicals, remember, too close to sea level, “Save the Bay” and all that.

So, now that I know we will not be frozen in, I guess I have no excuse for not calling the doctor and finding out what is happening with my heart. The chest pains are getting on my nerves and I really hate it when the old ticker skips a beat every now and then.

Hopefully the storm didn’t do too much damage in your neck of the woods… Stay inside, stay warm, be safe. 


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I guess you jusst got the tail end of the storm that came across the South. I guess the hook up with the low coming across the North which dumped snow in the seabord cities. We just got a dusting here.
When will we get a real Winter storm? Even Toronto has had a couple of nice snowfalls.

Now! Get yourself to the doctor if you are having chest pains.

Loretta said...

Two years ago we got a ice storm that started about 9:00pm. By midnight the electric was out and we spend the night listening to those cracking noises and trees falling.

I was at my daughters house across the road from my mobile home. With a yard full of trees I didn't know if I would have a home when morning came. We have woods on two sides of us with a lot of pine trees that were up rooted. It was a long night. It sound like what I thought a battlefield would sound like. Very scary!

Come daylight I had two big trees that missed my home by inches. All in all I lost 3 trees and had damage to many. We were without electric for 11 days.

It was 13 this morning at 7:00, but up to 19 now. Heat wave I guess!!

I agree with Phillip, get to the doctor. Take care.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Possum. hope you followed the advice ot Philip and the doctor cause chest pains should not be ignored, but then you already know that I'm sure. Take good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

and that was such a pretty tree when it was caught in the others.
A friend in Maine has a few inches of white flakes she would like to send you so you won't have a booring storm.
And don't make us drag you to the doctor if you have chest pains!!!!!