Sunday, September 18, 2011


OK, before peeking at the rest of the pictures, do you have any idea what this precious tiny flower is? A BIG clue is the word tiny. So I will skip to building a tree... I am in the process of making trees for our train layout for the Train Station. This first tree is in the very beginning stages. See the green stuff? That is surrounding a "branch" that I hope will stay glued in place to balance the tree. A few real leaves are still attached and will be removed before attaching the foliage from the bag. I have never used ready made stuff before, always made my own back in my model making days. The second tree is more or less finished... I will make a base out of plaster - it is currently sitting in a block of plasticine. These trees will go with a O size train. I hate those bottle brush trees or the plastic snap together trees that all look alike. I like to make my own from real bushes.

So, back to the little flowers... did you guess what they were? These shots are of them in the little herb garden potting tray, next to the sage and thyme. I am sure my plants out in the garden have bloomed before and I just never noticed, but this one is on the patio. I was shocked to see the precious little flowers. Sniff, sniff, can you smell the sage, thyme and the ___________?


ancient one said...

pure guess : dill

Beatrice P. Boyd said...


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I understand there is a little plant that grows along the railroad that architects use as trees when they make models of buildings.