Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last night was pretty chilly. Boy Bobby put a new front porch light out front for me, with a motion detector. I noticed when it came on how spectacular the camellia by the front door looked. It measures 8 feet across at its widest, and is 14 feet tall. Its partner at the other end of the house is not as wide as we have to cut it back every year in order to get down the sidewalk, but it is the same height. I thought the pictures at night showed how full of blooms they were better than daylight shots.

Punkin is grateful for the heating pad in his box. Can't you hear him say, "Oh, that feels good on these old bones!"

Boy, blogger sure does not cooperate in the picture placement department anymore. Sorry, but I don't seem to have anyway to get these pictures where I want them.


Loretta said...

Oh my! The Camellia's are beautiful! We had some very cool mornings last week. I've got to get my Canna Bulbs dug this week and stored for the winter...hard to believe it's almost November.

ancient one said...

Love the camellias. How does that motion light work? Does it have to have special wiring?

Ginnie said...

The front light really shows up the camellias ... lovely.

Ralph said...

I just had the same problem with picture placement with blogger. Even so, you have some nice pictures.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Those night shots are certainly more dramatic than any in daylight would be!