Saturday, October 15, 2011


I HAD A LITTLE VISITOR last week. A friend called, said she needed help with a little problem, and her story included the relocation of a golfball. It was a clue! If you ever raised chickens, you will know sometimes folks put golf balls in the nest to get the hens to figure out that is where they should lay their eggs. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Now if that golfball starts moving around your hen house, you can bet the chickens aren't playing putt putt golf! You probably have a visitor in the night. So, she started visiting the hen house after dark, and what did she see? This little cutie. So, she borrowed a Have a Heart Trap and 2 days later brought this little one over to be released on my property. I kept the "teenage" possum in the barn until just about sunset, then carried the cage to a safe location, opened the door just enough for the little one to get out, and sure enough, in the morning, the food left in the cage was gone, (cat food and a very ripe banana,) and so was the visitor.

In the process of moving the little one from the trap into the safe cage for the day, my friend touched its foot. She said she could not get over how soft that little foot was! They are - just like little baby's hands.

We have not seen the Little One since, and this is good. My cats do not bother possums. They do not see them as a threat. One used to sleep in a nesting box on the carport for a few nights every once in a while, then move on. They are nomadic, one might say. But, no little bodies on the road, and miles of woods and fields to go in the other directions, so hopefully the Little one will find his or her new home near-by.

Sorry, no chicken houses for a couple of miles.


Loretta said...

When I was a girl old doors used to have beautiful, round, white door knobs so they were put in the nest. I'm sure we had never heard of a golf ball! lol

I've always had possums on my porch eating the cats food. Badboy would watch them, but didn't seem to mind sharing. I bet they wonder where the catfood is now that he's gone. I still put table scraps out, I can't stand to waste food when something can eat it.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I have never seen a possum in real life. I am not as sure as you are that they are cute.

They do not live this far north. Apparently, they are in the old neighbourhood where I grew up in Mississauga. Lynne had one drown in her pool. I do not think they were that far north when I was a child or I surely would have seen one.

ancient one said...

We have some plastic eggs used for the purpose you mentioned.. the guinea laid her eggs across the road in the bean field. No possums found them over there. We see the babies running around over there far so good!