Monday, November 14, 2011


THIS IS an amazingly beautiful time of year. Sure, it has been pretty in New England, yeah, the Poconos were awesome, as usual... and there is nothing as beautiful as the rocky coast of Maine anytime of the year. But, I am getting, OK, make that, I am older... and those beautiful hills and that beautiful but treacherous snow is something I no longer want to deal with on a daily basis. Here on the shore, we have something that we can't find in Maine. Won't happen in the Poconos... but brings beauty to the shore starting in mid-september, blooming often all winter long, into late spring... Camellias.
Some of these camellias are 12 feet or taller! This is Yule Tide by the maple tree. See the power line running thru it?

As you can see, by now, most of my camellias are more like small trees. This last one is Yule Tide again. It is also more than 12 feet across. I know it needs to be cut back, but I so hate doing that. Yule Tide was a gift from my friend Sabra, more than 20 years ago.
Yesterday, I was taking a short walk around the place with my camera noticing all the beautiful color combinations for this time of year. Yes, they will change soon. It is windy this morning and the leaves are falling as I type this. But let me share a bit of My Little Corner of the World with you today.

The berries are plentiful this year. That is supposed to mean another rough winter. We shall see.

And! Look carefully, a baby zucchini! See it?


Sissy said...

Gorgeous colors and how did that zucchini miss getting frostbit? Do camellias produce seed? I want some! You lucky lady with those beautiful blooms and in winter, no less.

Loretta said...


Rachel said...

Wowwee, that's amazing that you still have all that color there and it is so beautiful. I love the bright and pretty! As for the bad winter, I think all signs of nature point to a bad winter, but we shall have to wait and see! A baby zucchini so late in the year! That is special!

Ginnie said...

my goodness your place is amazing. You have a lot to enjoy and I know you do just that !
PS: my daughter was very touched by your contribution. You are a special person, Jan.