Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I started this post several days ago... did not get to finish it as the 'puter was in the 'puter-pital for a few days. Now, so thoroughly cleaned that I have to reload everything (and have lost tons of stuff - sigh) it is back. If you have not heard from me - that is why. I will do better after I retrieve your info and a lot of other things.

From last week: I just had a phone call from someone who was complaining about the fog this morning, the frost, the noise the VDOT men were making out on the road, the cat demanding his breakfast, the dog underfoot needing to go out for a pee… We live within 2 miles of each other so I am sharing the same fog, same frost, and even though I do not have a dog, I do have 2 outside cats I have to go out and feed, so I cannot escape the elements this morning. I headed for the door, can in hand, but, instead, rather than taking out a can of food, I turned around and came back for my camera. The sunrise was beautiful thru the fog. OK, not one of those brilliant bright awesomely colored sunrises but it was not all just a lessening of the gray sky, either. If you are a sunrise watcher, you know how quickly the colors change, and indeed the red brilliance had started to soften when I took the time to come back inside and get the camera. In the space of only a few shots, the red was gone and an orange glow took its place. For a couple seconds I was reminded of a forest fire in the distance. Instead, it was sunrise over the ocean. I stood beside the van on the carport – I was still in my slippers – and took these shots while a little cat wound around my ankles telling me he loved me dearly and especially admired my ability to open cans. Please open one. LOL! The other cat lounged sleepily in the heated box and waited, no beggar he! Soon the camellias will be busy with honeybees… Yes, honey bees love my yard, especially in the winter when it warms up enough for them to fly. There are usually a hundred or more camellias in bloom loaded with pollen, a mile from their bee boxes at my neighbor’s to the east. See the frost on the edge of the leaves? It will not hurt the camellias. The winter camellias can survive even a nice snowfall. They do not like a prolonged period of cold like we have had for the past 2 years. I stood there in the chilly morning air, petting the little cat that had jumped up on a shelf, all the better to be petted, looked at the camellias in January, and thought how lucky I was to live in such a place. Sure, I have a bigger house up in the mountains, beautiful scenery, a river with white water 1000 feet from my house… but no camellias. And there it is seriously cold this morning, and a light snow is falling. I am not into driving on icy mountain roads. Lazy, I guess… no longer adventurous enough. Or, maybe I have that wonderful elusive thing so many folks search their whole lives for, move from pillar to post looking for – contentment… happy to be living in the land of camellias, where kitty cats drink out of the bird bath, and possums hang out on the carport.

The end!


ancient one said...

So glad you went back to get your camera. Loved your sunrise...

Loretta said...

Beautiful pictures, both the sunrise and the Camellias and certainly the Kittys!

I have a new Tom that has adopted me. Dec of 2010 a elderly lady was murdered about 4 miles (as the crow flys) from me. She had several cats I noticed from the newspaper pictures. She had no close family so I am sure the cats were left to take care of themselfs.

This Tom is one of them,I believe. He looks just like one of her's that was in one of the newspaper pictures. He has cried at me for the last few months but would run from me. I put food on the back porch for him every night.

Finally about three weeks ago he came to me. He jumps and runs if I made any quick movement at all. I believe someone has been very mean to him. He crys a lot but will let me pet him, and wants to come in the house but I am afraid he will spray. He is beautiful! The same color of my Badboy (that died last year) but he has white markings too.

I love all cats....can't help it. Sorry I have wrote a

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Beautiful sunrise photos, Possum, and glad to read that your 'puter is on the mend.

Grenville T. Boyd said...

OH!!!! I'm so glad that someone (other than me) was up to capture that sunrise. I'm sure that Spook & Pumpkin were patient.

Rachel said...

What a beautiful sunrise. I seldom get up early enough to see a sunrise these days. Your cats are so pretty! I like your heated cat bed! I use a SnuggleSafe in my cats outside bed. She loves it!

I had to smile when you said your computer had been in the puter-pital!! That's a good way to put it!

I LOVED your last post with all the photos!! Very nice and very good advice!!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Hi there! You left a post over at my blog News From the Hill but your reply settings wouldn't let me email you directly back.
You are listed as the dreaded "no-reply" at blogger!! You asked if that was a camellia on my little photo... it's actually a striped rose called Scentimental.
I do miss my camellias from our old house in LA. I believe it was as hard to leave my plants as it was selling the house!