Saturday, June 30, 2012


OK, I DISAPPEARED... well, sort of. I have been so busy I have had lists of my lists of things to do. And I also had a major Lymes flair up that seriously slowed me down and made getting things done a hundred times harder. It is scary when the Babesia in my chest gets active. It is hard to tell if I am having a heart attack or it is "just Lymes." The symptoms are so similiar. Add fear to pain and not much gets done. OK, I read a couple books, something I seldom have time to do anymore. But, I am back on my feet, more or less... You can see some of what I have been up to at the other blog- Tho I must confess, I have not done much there lately... the body has not been cooperating, and then there is the problem with the heat. I do not do well in serious heat and humidity. I tend to pass out. So, last week while the guys labored in the heat, I sat with my camera and encouraging words and felt awful. I hate to not be productive, and my plans for all the work I needed to get done before this heat set in... well, I just get real mad at myself.
Then on June 16th, I was the "official" (!!!) photographer for our Shore's annual Juneteenth celebration. You history buffs know what that is, I am sure, but did you know that our county, Accomack, is actually mentioned by name in the Emancipation Proclamation? Unh huh.. Sure is. I will not bore you with all the pictures of the politicians and dignitaries, I will spare you all the entertainment shots, but will post Black Elvis upon request! However, I did get a few shots for my own amusement. I will share my kid fix shot for the day. They were dancing up a storm, these two, much to the entertainment of the assembled crowd. Ah, wouldst I could have a bit of that energy and pure joy!!!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the lilies decided to put on a show. This, a new one, is in front of the St John's Wort. The older lilies have been spectacular this year. Here are just a few of them. I really like what my aunt called 'funny faces' - deep color contrast lilies. This is my version of Happy Happy - and as close as I will ever get to owning one. Look it up, see what Happy Happy costs! In the rest of the yard there is an assortment of color run riot... blue, purple and orange! The window boxes are mostly deep reds and pinks.. And some unusual combinations seem to happen like Russian Blue Sage and gladiolas growing next to each other, and the phlox and coleus out by St Francis. I just thought I would share my garden with you. It has given me so much joy even when I can't be out in the midst of it. For those of you who get my Musings, those are faded prayer flags in the upper left corner. Thanks for stopping by! Next cool day, if you are in the neighborhood, come sit in one of the Adirondacks, have a glass of iced tea, and visit. Punkie will join us, I am sure. He LOVES company.


judie said...

I love your beautiful garden. It looks like a peaceful place for you to sit and read and recover. Sending healing thoughts. xo

Sissy said...

More luciousness! One question: what is the name of the first flower up top?

ancient one said...

I know about the HOT!! Hope you didn't get any of the wind from last night. We didn't. Try to stay cool. Your garden is pretty.

Murr Brewster said...

Oh man! You should have had the door-to-door tick checker come by! I'm having him come three times a week. Safety first. PS Which one of us is supposed to be paying?

Ginnie said...

Hi Jan: I meant to bring your email address with me but forgot. Just wanted to let you know that I am at my daughters ... arrived safe and sound after a looooooong trip. Thanks so much for your friendship and encouragement. It means a lot.
Sending hugs, Ginnie