Friday, June 01, 2012


AS I WALKED thru the garden this morning with my basket filled with the last of this year's peas (already???) and blueberries, I noticed the progress the other veggies were making. For one thing, the tomato plants were at eye level. So lets have a little guessing game, see what good gardeners you are...Answers tomorrow (if I remember it!) OK, we will start with an easy one....1. 2. 3. 4. 5.. I also saw the strawberries were not finished yet. There are also some exciting new happenings in the flower department - do you know what they are? 1. 2. Yesterday was a day of serious trimming. The redbud was hitting the roof, so I took my mighty 8 foot chain saw and added the middle 4 foot extension. I am so proud of myself... the cuts were perhaps a bit sloppy, but I did all of this myself except for one branch I Tom Sawyered out to a friend who just happened to pull in my driveway to ask a favor. (That'll teach him! LOL!) Actually, the mighty little saw impressed him. The part of the tree on the right was butchered by the power company. Maybe the redbud grew faster toward the house to compensate. I don't know. Sadly, I had to also remove a very large Althea (Rose of Sharon) that somehow just died over the winter. I have waited and waited, but, nothing, and all the others have been in full leaf for over a month. sigh. A friend just read this over my shoulder and said maybe I needed to include the term "Tom Sawyered out" to my quiz.
Ah, the wind has come up, the temps are dropping. I am grateful for the temps coming back down into the 70s. More rain, perhaps? Another day that I will not have to drag the hoses around the yard? I can handle that. I like a good breeze; keeps the mosquitoes away. They have started biting. I used to complain about that until someone told me how bad they were in Alaska in the summer time. Hard to imagine!


Ginnie said...

Hey Possum did you say you had blueberries already. We should be ahead of you here but ours still have a week or so before they're ready.
I still am in awe of all you do and it looks gorgeous !

ancient one said...

No blueberries ready here yet. I went to look after you said you were picking. Your garden looks healthy. We have two tomato plants in the row starting to look withered. And we asked for the kind that are suppose to be resistant to disease. :(

possum said...

Only enough blueberries for a couple bowls of cereal... not enough for a pie yet.
The rain appears to be over, maybe..... we got 2.32 inches last night. Nice. It has been so dry.