Sunday, February 17, 2013


DSC_2171It is a bitter cold day (for us – stop laughing, Philip!) with temps below freezing – except where the sun is warming things up a bit, and high winds. Our wind-chill is in the mid teens. Yesterday was a “winter-mix” day – rain, snow, sleet, sometimes all of them at the same time. I guess it was to chill my enthusiasm since I picked my first (and only) daffodil last week. Anyway, I thought I would share what remains of the mixture that is on the ground in contrast with the camellia beside the side driveway.

And I also managed to get 4 of the male cardinals together out front in one shot – but one of them took off just as I got close to the window. One is in shadow at the bottom of the picture. DSC_2174


Snowbrush said...

Where do you live? We don't have cardinals in Oregon, and I sure do miss them. Fortunately, we do have camellias.

possum said...

Hey Snowbrush, I am on the opposite side of the country on Virginia's Eastern Shore, that long peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Chesapeake Bay on the other, both about 3 miles away.
Thanks for stopping by.