Sunday, February 03, 2013


If you have ever been in my house, you probably noticed it is like a cross between a small library and a small museum, but with a couple of cats to remind you who really owns the place. Like most old folk’s houses, it is filled with STUFF – and like most people who have traveled a lot, there are stories behind all this stuff. In my old age, I have decided it is time to down-size. As I stand in my living room and look around, I try to figure out what I can eliminate – but I know I can’t get rid of this or that, so and so gave me that, my sister gave me this, Oh, that came from Turkey, I got this in Egypt… I am not one of those people who redecorates every few years. I redecorate when something finally falls apart, and even then it is done reluctantly. In 1976, I bought a kit from the drug store to make a little storage unit for my apartment at grad school. It cost $10. Over the years the press-board sagged, the masonite panel came loose, the doors would no longer slide as the time and weight of all my books I piled in and on it grew. Add a lamp, a few plants, some sculpture (a Turner bronze – heavy!) and, well, the last time I tried to move it to clean behind and under it… well… after all, it was 36 years old and has moved numerous times, what did I expect? So, I asked my dear friend Charlie, Rusty and Dusty’s daddy, to make me a new storage unit which morphed into a book case. I share this with you not as a form of bragging but mostly as a way of showing off Charlie’s work. I am still rearranging the books on it. Maybe they will get settled in in another year or so as I have decided only special books will go on these shelves. Oh well, we must entertain ourselves, right? Anyway, check out some of Charlie’s other cool stuff at this website.

DSC_2041 DSC_2044 DSC_2046 DSC_2047

I was told to include the tiny Persian rug since this was titles treasures… for those of you who know Persian rugs, this one is signed. Check Charlie’s stuff out… amazing work!

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Snowbrush said...

What a good looking bookcase, but will it hold them all? I've gotten rid of thousands of books over the years, and I still have three large cases left of books that I can' seem to part with.

I see that you too like cats and plants.