Sunday, April 28, 2013


Yep, it has been a rough couple of weeks, and it ain’t over yet.


We buried Punkin on Tuesday… my little orange shadow who followed me everywhere I went out in the yard, who would hid in the ferns and ambush me, who helped me in the garden, and spent hours and hours of his life rolling over to get his belly scratched.

 DSC_0234  DSC_0014  DSC_0682 DSC_1564DSC_1889   DSCN1719

  DSCN2171  DSCN1896

Punkin arrived during Hurricane Isabel bringing a young kitten with him. They decided the food was good here, so they stayed.

Cats 009 

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He and Spook were inseparable much of the time, but Spook started to distance himself as Punkie got sicker. Punk died of renal failure. He was probably about 16, Spook is 9. Everybody loved Punkin.

Meanwhile inside the house, Rascal, the youngest of the cats, (9) has been diagnosed with a probable tumor, his chest cavity fills with fluid and has been tapped 3 times. He was my in-house shadow. Always curious, always watching. Rascal, otherwise known as the Rat, or Mr Bad Boy, is still with us, but we don’t know for how long. He no longer rolls over showing off his fine belly. Eating seems to be a problem and he sleeps all day instead of following me around or getting up into the window to see where I am if I go outside. We try not to ever be gone more than an hour or so. We keep checking on him as we did Punk. I am hoping the medicine he is on will help…

DSCN0474 grooming2  rascal5

They are such wonderful little gifts when they come to us…… it is so hard to lose them.

Meanwhile Hadji, age 15 and diabetic, is holding his own and has not been on insulin for over 2 years. How is that for a miracle? He loves wearing a scarf. Go figure! He is very handsome.

DSCN2646 DSC_0072  DSCN2418

Rascal was always a lap kitty as was Punk. Hadj like you to sit beside him on HIS sofa. Just don’t try to get him in your lap. Spook is and always has been, well, easily spooked. I have often wondered what horrible thing happened to him to make him so afraid of people. Generally, I can catch him once or twice a year to take him for his shots. I doubt anyone will ever have him on their lap.

It is rough trying to work out in the yard without my little buddy. And it seems strange typing on the computer without Rat pulling my hair or climbing on my lap.


ancient one said...

So sorry... hope things get better for your "kiddies" ...

Ginnie said...

I hate that you are having to go through so much heartache. I hope your wonderful photos are a comfort ...and of course your memories.

troutbirder said...

It is hard when we lose our pets. Our Simba is 17 now a birthday present from our far away son...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Losing those we love is never easy, whether humans or pets. Sorry to read about Punkin's passing. Hope that Rascal is not in too much pain.

Patty said...

I surfed in on this rainy day from another blog. So sorry to hear about Punkin. We have 4 cats, and our oldest is 17. He still eats but looks like a long skeleton. He is going blind and yowls a lot - I believe he forgets where he is. Blood tests were a little elevated, but vet said age seems to be his only problem. Right now, he gets extra loving, but we know he will soon depart. We lost our 14 year old calico last year. It is sad when these things happen, but we know they have given us so much, and that we gave them good lives and showed them that not all people are cruel. If their love is our only reward, it is a great reward, and the highest anyone can receive, at least in my opinion.

Thank you for your kindness.