Friday, October 04, 2013


We had rain only twice in September, I think, for an inch and a quarter, total. Nothing so far in the rain bucket for Oct. But we have a promise of Tropical Storm Karen working her way up here beginning of next week.DSC_0279 They promise 3 days of rain. Lord knows, we need it. Normally I would have drained the hoses and had them back in their garbage can for the winter, but not this year. I got some mums for my birthday, and they need to drink or die. I put some out front next to a campaign sign for one of my “boys.” Well, Ralph has not been a BOY for quite a few years, but once they are your boys, they are always your boys. Who would have believed that skinny little kid would be first a neurological pediatrician, then a Senator, and now running for Lt Governor? But he has always been a good boy, and that is what counts most, isn’t it? Anyway, I have a few of his signs up and this was a perfect place for some of the mums.

DSC_0498 DSC_0275

As I said, it has been dry. The deer are coming up into the yardDSC_0281 to drink out of the bird feeders. I find them  drained dry every morning and have finally put a tub of water out for them. When there is water in the ground baths, it stays very busy. I was happy to get this shot since the other birds tend to scare the cardinals away from the birdbaths. Can you see him?


DSC_0284 The veggie gardens are just about done, but I have baby yellow wax beans just coming. This is the second planting in my stand-uppity garden.

The tomatoes have been slow this year. Many of them just up and died. The ones I plant in strange places, after the tomato garden itself was full, are still going strong. Not often one sees tomatoes in an azalea bush! But this seems to be a favorite growing area.

DSC_0280 DSC_0282

I was told I did not show any of my window boxes… and these are right outside the window here, with my birthday camellia behind them.


Thanks for visiting my garden!


ancient one said...

When is your birthday... mine is sept 29...Your flowers and tomatoes are beautiful...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Also hoping that we get a day or so of rain to cool down the warm temps and give all the plants a soaking. The birthday camellias looked lovely and hope your celebration lasts the year.

Ginnie said...

I hope your "boy" wins. That's a good picture of you and, as usual, your flowers are magnificent.