Monday, October 28, 2013


Well, it finally happened, our first frost… fortunately it was a very light frost. Also fortunately I have all the house plants inside the house and most everything that could be killed by frost outside is in the greenhouse. I was so embarrassed to have to call someone to come and help me move the grill… the tank is full so I could not lift it. Fortunately I had some paperwork for someone to take care of and 3 gallons of water-seal that needed to go to the Train Station, so I let one stone take care of 3 birds. Then I rebuilt the “greenhouse annex!”LOL It filled up quickly. I had taken cuttings from most of the coleus, the frost got the ones left out in the yard. DSC_0299 DSC_0300 DSC_0294 DSC_0298

I covered the tomatoes and they made it… likewise my last serving of beans. Guess I will get to pick them end of the week.

Ice Angel opened early this year and is blooming up a storm. Someone suggested I do a post on a different camellia each week. Sounds like a fun idea except I get so busy, I just don’t have time. Ice Angel is probably about 15 feet tall by now… maybe taller. A beautiful bush! See how little the Buddha is and only 3 feet from the bush. Those wooden posts are 4 feet tall.

DSC_0290 DSC_0292 DSC_0293

My Birthday camellias out-front are well up over the roof. They have been blooming for over a month now.

DSC_0295 DSC_0205 YuleTide1

Also higher than the roof is this double pink. Yule Tide has started to open. There are still some azaleas blooming.

But it is going to warm back up. How do I know this? I put the electric blanket on the bed. Yep. Works every time. Put your summer clothes away, storm windows in, close the house vents… and I promise it will warm up.

We have lost some leaves, but the colors, muted as they are here, have finally started to change. Maybe I will have some pretty leaf pictures next week.

I hope October has been beautiful for you!


ancient one said...

yes, October was good to us! I haven't moved anything... all the geraniums are still blooming and are full of ants.. no moving anything inside... Even the impatients are still blooming.. didn't put my flannel sheets on the bed yet, but sure thought about it...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Like you, Possum, waiting and hoping to see some fall colors in our yard. We also covered up the green tomatoes and now they look like they are ready for Halloween.

Ginnie said...

Hey, you're the one who taught me not to be too proud to ask for help !!!
Your pictures, as usual, are amazing.