Sunday, March 16, 2014

Osprey Cam

OK, OK, I know this is not an osprey, but I had heard one had been spotted, so I went looking. I think it is great to see the eagle sitting on the Osprey’s box. But soon he will not be welcome, so enjoy!

Meanwhile back at the eagle’s nest – it is feeding time again. They need to eat up before the next storm hits anytime now. See how they have grown?


Sissy said...

I'm having a first-time experience watching this nest and the one at Berry College, GA, seeing minute changes. The day big Sister discovered her wing, and day later wobbling, stood for a second. Truly it is so much like watching a child develop. Thank you Jan, for guiding me to the Cambridge eagles.

I saw some sort of bird in the osprey box the other morning - not too big. I had thought this nest was unused - lonely looking it is.

Ginnie said...

Am I blind, or what? I can't see an Eagle in the Osprey box !! but I do agree that the Osprey would not be overjoyed to see one either.