Sunday, June 29, 2014

DUSTY (the guilty) IS HERE

DSC_0754Rusty’s brother arrived Wednesday afternoon. It was NOT a joyous reunion.  There was much growling, hissing, a spit or two, and running and hiding. I have been demoted to Rusty’s ‘you know what’ list since I spent most of the afternoon and evening holding a shivering little gray cat with his nose buried in the crook of myDSC_0753 arm.


Rusty spent most of his time on the window in my bedroom, or on the bed.

He now owns the place here, you see.


DSC_0757 Dusty has made progress… he stayed almost glued to me as I worked on the DSC_0756computer. I pulled up a dining room chair to get him off my lap. The next day he  moved to the sofa, then tried  out a chair or two, while Rusty napped on the kitchen rug.



Finally, it seems they have worked out their dispute, this little moment was brief but did not end in fur flying – for which I was most grateful. Dusty has found the hiding place all my kitties have used to store their toys.

DSC_0760DSC_0764 DSC_0762

Now I need to figure out how to keep him from wetting on the bathroom rug! I have put a rubber mat down under the rugs to keep the p from getting into the grout. My bathroom is tile. Washing a rug a day is getting old fast. sigh. I promise these are my last cats. I am too old for this.


Ginnie said...

You say you are too old for "this" but I beg to differ.
Those little guys give you lots and lots to live for. ENJOY.

Snowbrush said...

Here's to just one cat--less entertainment but fewer problems. As I write, squirrels are going crazy with mating in the yard, and my indoor-only cat is watching them with trepidation through the screen door.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hopefully these two felines will work out their territorial differences and agree to share the same living space in time. I also had a cat (Charlie) with the same wetting problem and was told by a vet that he was mad at me for leaving him unattended when I went to work. It was suggested that I give him valium (really) instead I found him a new home. You are right that washing rugs daily can get old.