Saturday, March 21, 2015


The Annual Heritage Celebration

ESCC, March 2015

SPOTS was invited to the Annual Heritage Celebration at the Eastern Shore Community College this year. We did not have much display space, so we took the little N scale I built a couple years ago out of the show case, and our banner for the Train Station, some newsletters and some envelopes that will hopefully come back to us with a little $$ in them and some names and contact info from folks who are interested in model trains, making scenery, or just designing their own personal little landscape in 3D. We met a lot of interesting people and bunches of delightful kids. They were so much fun to watch as they interacted with the train or lost themselves in the little farm and village scene.

One little fellow was just the right height to be able to see the train going round and round, but so short, it disappeared behind the little buildings and trees when it went to the back of the layout. At that point, he put his hands out, palms up and said, “Where’d it go?” Then he screamed in delight when it came back again around the corner behind the church. He jumped and laughed… then it disappeared again. This went on for several minutes. It was so much fun to watch.

Hopefully some of the visitors felt inspired to come to visit us at the Station, maybe even to come and work with us… maybe even to start their own layouts for home.

DSC_0072_01  DSC_0075_01 DSC_0076_01   DSC_0079_01  DSC_0080_01  DSC_0081_01

I am in the process of making a new layout to take out for demonstrations… maybe someone will be inspired to help build one.

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