Thursday, March 26, 2015


The Gray fox family that lives in my woods must be expecting… she is visiting my compost area a little before dark every night. Isn’t she beautiful?

DSC_0082_01 DSC_0083_01 DSC_0085_01 DSC_0087_01

And then there were these 2 love birds…

DSC_0067_01 DSC_0063_01

Normally possums are solitary animals… Obviously they get together every once in a while… The romance is short, but I understand it is intense. I hope the mama brings her little ones around in a couple of months.


PhilipH said...

Mr. Reynard is a handsome chap.

The foxy features are intriguing and intelligent.

The Possum persona, to me, is scary and unattractive. Each of us will have different takes on these things.

Well photographed. Cheers!

Ginnie said...

Are you sure that fox isn't a statue that some kindly neighbor has tried to trick you with? Beautiful but doesn't look real !!

Snowbrush said...
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Snowbrush said...

What a wonder treat to be visited by a fox, and what great photos of him (or maybe it's a her) and the two opossums.