Monday, May 18, 2015


OK, OK, I know I have been unbelievably busy… and yes, I must admit, I am slowing down. A lot. SIGH. But I promised several of you pictures from the yard this spring. This has been a very different spring… the winter stretched itself out longer than usual and colder than usual, so that meant camellias that normally bloom in the winter – start in December, actually, were blooming at the same time as the later spring camellias. It made for an exciting spring but a bleak winter. I am used to having fresh flowers on my table just about all winter long. Anyway, here are the plants in the order in which they bloomed. Some of the shots are more to show the size of the bushes than to brag about the beauty of the blooms. And many of the blooms this spring were tinged with just a hint of frost bite – but it took a real close look to notice it.

DSC_0095_01  DSC_0096_01  DSC_0097_01  DSC_0098_01  DSC_0099_01 DSC_0100_01  DSC_0101_01  DSC_0103_01   DSC_0104_01  DSC_0105_01  DSC_0107_01   DSC_0108_01 DSC_0109_01  DSC_0110_01  DSC_0112_01 DSC_0113_01 DSC_0114_01

So there you have it… these were taken one month ago. did I mention I have been busy? OK, next, the azaleas a couple weeks later. Note - PP= Pink Perfection, 2 variations I and II.

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Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Beautiful blooms even if a bit later than expected this year.