Monday, May 18, 2015


OK, here they are. These are just the spring blooming azaleas. The ever-blooming azaleas had not started yet… they are starting to bloom now. The azaleas and the redbud bloom at the same time. These shots were taken 2 weeks ago.

DSC_0121_01  DSC_0118_01

Some friends brought me a couple truck loads of ‘shatters” – the Eastern Shore name for the long pine needles that cover the ground on much of the Shore.

DSC_0119_01  DSC_0120_01

John (Deere) and I carried loads of shatters around to mulch the acid loving camellias and azaleas.

DSC_0125_01 DSC_0134_01 DSC_0135_01 DSC_0138_01 DSC_0137_01   DSC_0144_01DSC_0143_01 DSC_0145_01 

DSC_0142_01DSC_0139_01 These last 2 shots are the new Meditation Garden I started last year. This has both spring azaleas and fall blooming azaleas. The winter was hard on it… killed several newly transplanted camellias and stunted the growth of the new azaleas. But, Buddha is happy… this is good.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll around my garden. Next, currently blooming peonies and iris and whatever else is blooming tomorrow morning. ENJOY!


Ginnie said...

Your yard is like a fairyland of beauty and joy. It is a wonder that you can stay inside at all. Thanks for sharing the feast but I have to admit to being jealous. It's strange that all 3 of my children have green thumbs like you and mine remains crooked and brown !!!

byGeorge said...

I felt like I was strolling formal gardens. You lucky "greenthumbed" lady to live amidst such beauty. Gorgeous, Jan. My thumbs are crooked and brown like Ginnie's. Lost my touch.