Sunday, June 12, 2016


YEP, SHAME ON ME... I never even managed to get anything posted on here last month. I tried, I really did, but Blogger is such a pain in the tushie that I just gave up. I got some pictures loaded but some just did not load. Then there is the problem of trying to get them the size I want and get the placement worked out.
Live Writer USED to do the job, but now it tells me I am not a bona-vide user of blogger. Blogger does not recognize me, they say. Well, then what is this? "Chopped livah?" as my Jewish auntie used to say?
So, May's postings remain in draft form and so are June's.
Bunches of pictures remain in my camera because, what is the point if they won't load or publish????? Because I don't exist? 
Then, as a good Buddhist, I must agree - I don't exist. Got it. But this accumulation of stuff pushing the keys down here (yeah, its all a mirage) apparently exists enough to be no longer happy with blogger. Shame, that. Each 'improvement' they made wasn't.


Snowbrush said...

My preference is to write in Word and then paste my writing into Blogger, but it often happens that I can’t get everything in the same font size, so I’ve come more and more to writing in Blogger. As to photos, do you use “jpg” or “jpeg” as your extension? Blogger will only accept these and maybe one or two other extensions. It does very much seem to me that Blogger has become harder to work with in the ways that I want to work with it, but I have no thought of every moving, and I despise the look of Facebook.

possum said...

I, too, write in word, as a rule, but paste to Live-writer because I use so many pictures, and LW has always allowed more flexibility in sizing and placement. Blogger used to be much more user friendly in that way, but not anymore. And I only use jpegs.
Like you, I am not on Facebook.