Thursday, June 29, 2006

Flood Waters in PA

Equal Time to our Friends and Family in Pennsylvania.

Aunt Kathryn was evacuated from her apt on Wednesday… of course, although that statement is true, it is not nearly as dramatic as when she “did her thing” during Hurricane Agnes. Hmmmm, maybe I should do a story on that when I have the time. Anyway, the reality is, they did ask the residents of her building to evacuate – Cousin Michael came to get her; she went to stay with him, taking her car from the underground parking lot under her building. She was packing her bags when I called to see how she was doing. Well, I sure would not want to be stuck on the 14th floor with no elevators working when the power went out, would you?
All in all, it has been a scary time for those in low areas or areas not as protected as some. Many roads were under water, some washed out. It is hard to believe that I just crossed the Market St Bridge just last week! (See the pictures above!) I remember looking down at the pokey old Susquehanna River and telling Anna about Hurricane Agnes and how high the water was as we were driving over the river. Weird, huh? I remember saying how hard it was to imagine that water being up over the entry to the bridge and of all those places along the street being under water. Of course, she has heard the Agnes stories before – on an annual basis probably, every time we go anyplace with Aunt Kathryn, or drive past the old house on Myers St. Whenever anyone asks me why I did not leave during which ever hurricane has gone thru here, I simply say, “It is a family tradition.”
But, as usual, I digress. That should be my middle name and would be if I could get rid of the name Worrywart. Another family tradition I got from my Grandmother. Anyway, if you were in a “bad spot” and have pictures to share, send them along to my email and I will put them on a future posting (or start your own blog – post them here!).

Here are some pics from the Susquehanna and Lehigh Rivers regions. Photos courtesy of the Wilkes Barre Times Leader.

· River hits 34.33 feet at first crest
· Unprotected areas take heavy damage
· Up to 175,000 residents are told to evacuateTIMES LEADER STAFFRiverside neighborhoods emptied Wednesday as a swollen Susquehanna River threatened to reach its highest level since Tropical Storm Agnes devastated the region in 1972.
06/29/2006 08:30 AM EDTWe're bracing for moreRain is forecast. And it could get worse as Delaware, Schuylkill continue to rise.By Anthony R. Wood, Inquirer Staff WriterThe remarkable siege of rain that has left a deadly legacy of angry, chocolate-brown waters, submerged highways, and forced evacuations threatens the region with yet more flooding today and tomorrow.

This is in Easten, PA, the Lehigh River The Comcast shot is from Reading.

For pictures and the story about our trip home from PA on Sunday thru Delaware and esprecially thru Seaford, go on down to yesterday's posting below.

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