Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I think this picture sums up our trip home!

Well, we had an interesting trip to the mountains (Poconos) but an even more interesting trip home! We came home the weekend of the RAIN! It had rained, so they tell me, right much on Friday, some more on Saturday, and was still raining Sunday morning when we tried to get down 13 to the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Apparently some areas, Seaford, for example, had over 13 inches of rain within the previous 12 hours. As we drove slowly down 13, we could see homes sitting like islands, businesses with the water over the door sills and swamping out heat pumps, cooling systems, ground level AC units. Vehicles were submerged, nearly submerged, seriously flooded and even floating (Wal-Mart parking lot.) a tow truck was hauling vehicles out of the lot at Hampton Inn, the driver wading thru waist deep water to put a chain around whatever he could reach. A mobile home park was evacuated. Cars were abandoned here and there. There were numerous accidents where folks thought they could just plow on thru. The wake from pickup trucks pushed smaller vehicles off the road into ditches with more than 6 feet of water in them. Rescue crews were pushed to the max. Route 13 was finally closed for a period of time AFTER we managed to get through.
When we finally got home, it was sunny, hot and extremely humid. We had been living with no need for air-conditioning, but it was the first thing I turned on after we finally closed the door. It has been on since. We have had over 5 inches of rain here since we left and thru last night. The weeds have had a wonderful time. The yard looks like a jungle, but it is too wet to take the mower out.
Anyway, here are some pictures mostly of the Seaford, Delaware area. Evacuating a mobile park....

The last shot is of a car driven by someone determined to get to church Sunday morning. Guess she waded the rest of the way in. Wonder who else made it?

Some of these shots are courtesy of WBOC, some are from a news agency.


Takin'pictures said...

Interesting report. We went to Seaford on Wednesday and when I tried to take a back road from Seaford thru Blades to Laurel and Delmar there was a bridge washed out just south of Blades. That back road is the original Route 13 that my parents took when they first brought my sister and I to VA's Eastern Shore in 1949. It's a nice drive and NO traffic.

possum said...

Hey, good to hear from you! My first trip down 13 was in 62. I really don't remember how much of it was different in Delaware, but a lot of the road was just 2 lanes in MD and most of VA with the occasional 3 lane "suicide" roads for passing.