Thursday, June 08, 2006

No, All the Bricks Are NOT in MY Head!

The Brick Garden or a garden of bricks!

I am not sure which is more effective, the days when I have a TODO List or the days when I just have a vague idea of what I need to do and then I just let it happen as it happens. Tuesday I had a list. I got most of it done. I have learned to prioritize, well, sorta. Yesterday I had a kinda list, one or two Gotta Do’s and then a lot of blank paper. Truth was, I hadn’t been feeling too great, so I thought I might just give myself another day of resting more than usual, a laundry day, know what I mean? I mean laundry always has to be done sooner or later, it really takes very little effort on your part – not like when Grandma did it, or even when I had to do it as a kid in the old wringer washer. But when you get the laundry done, at least you have something to show for your day, right? But I digress, again… anyway, my major chores done, I thought I would take advantage of the coolness of the day and good winds (the skeeters are back) to work out in the yard a bit.
So, I popped a pain pill and downed a Starbucks and I was ready to go! I mean, what more do you need in life? First I covered the blueberry bushes with netting. NEVER TRY TO DO THIS WHILE WEARING A SHIRT THAT HAS BUTTONS! It took longer to untangle myself from the netting than it did to cover the plants! I almost finished it just wearing a bra! Well, and my jeans, of course. Once that was done, I decided to transplant a few of the squash plants that had grown in a cluster where the old squash had simply rotted and gone to seed. I really needed to cut some grass, but decided the legs were just not up to it. So, the squash it was. This meant I had to pull a few weeds. I can sit to pull weeds. I decided to be neat about it and make a nice rectangle or oval. Whatever. I wanted the raspberry plant to have more room and be away from the possibility of getting run over by the mower when John comes to cut the grass. The cherry tomato plant would soon need more room – they tend to get real big in my yard.
Well, the weeds were not coming up as easily as I had hoped after the 3/4th of an inch of rain we just had, so I got my edger and garden spade out. CLUNK! Crap, I must have hit another brick. I had already dug up one that was working its way up out of the earth for the mower to hit. So I got a bigger shovel. That brought me a bigger CLUNK! By the time I was “done” (is a gardener ever done?) I had a much bigger area than I’d planned on and a pile of bricks.

Truth is, I had decided the day was perfect for sitting in one of the Adirondacks and reading a book (I got to Barnes & Noble on Sunday.) but it was not to be. I had another moment of inspiration, moving the squash having been the first, getting the edger the second. I decided to transplant some of my strawberry plants to all this newly turned and slightly weeded but thoroughly debricked area. Moving the strawberries had not even remotely been on my non-list, but I am real happy I thought of it. I had originally thought of putting them over nearer the blueberry bushes. Someday. Next year, maybe. However, I now have a little bitty strawberry garden out back where they will actually get some sun at least for a few more years, then I guess I will have to move them again.
I also found a few of the zinnias that keep coming up each year. I really do enjoy them, so I sprinkled a few more zinnia seeds out there to keep them company and to come up around the strawberries. I mean, why not? So. We shall see what grows, or doesn’t. Before long, I was pooped! I came in peeled off my dirty, muddy clothes, threw them in the washer and myself in the tub – and that was it! And here is my brick garden. And the chairs I didn’t get to sit in. Sigh. Next cool day I will straighten up those bricks – or move them altogether, I dunno, but they can sit there for a while. My legs feel like they can sit there forever!
I really tried to get something done outside this morning while it was cool, but the legs are saying “NO!” I spent a half an hour tidying up in a barn as it rained again 2/10th of an inch last night and the yard is too wet to even walk in. But after a half an hour, I was exhausted. I gave up. So here I am, too awake to doze in a chair (Thank you, Starbucks) but too tired to get anything accomplished. Gosh, don't those chairs look inviting?????????


hiphoppe said...

There were way too many bricks for you to be lifting--but what a find!!!! They look nice around your garden.

hiphoppe said...

Those chairs look so inviting!!!!

Takin'pictures said...

I agree about the chairs. Love the red color. When you mentioned them first, I imagined "white" so the picture was a nice surprise but really shouldn't have been since I know you better.

1tug said...

1TUG said no water can,t float anywhere see you later.