Thursday, August 31, 2006

RASCAL, One More Time

Rascal, One More Time...

Well, it seems that I have had mail asking what Rascal has been up to lately. Seems I have put Spook on both blogs a time or two and have been neglecting Rascal. Well, he has been busy Cricketing – Rascal the mighty hunter! Did you know most cats actually eat crickets? But they spit out the legs. Or maybe they save them for tooth picks, I don’t know. Guess they are the kitty version of Fast Food. But not fast enough! I know, totally disgusting!

Sometimes he plays with his Teddy Bear.

Sometimes he plays in his cube.

Sometimes he just gets on his magic carpet and takes a trip! This is one kitty who does not need catnip!

Then remember the blog posting where I wondered if I had fleas??? As you know, Rascal loves to be on the back of the computer chair whenever anyone is working on the computer and often when we are not.

Earlier this morning, as I was working here on the computer, Rascal got up on the back of the chair and decided to “groom” me. As he nibbled on my imaginary (I hope!) fleas, I reached slowly out for the camera. Unfortunately, I disturbed him so he took his paws and held onto the sides of my head. As soon as he had me “firmly” where he wanted me, he began to wash my hair! Now, that was a funny sensation. When I tried to move away, he got a tighter grip. Obviously I could not see what I was doing – I just turned the camera on and shot. Here just when we thought he was a computer geek, all the time he was studying to be a beautician!

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Takin'pictures said...

Most cats get hairballs from licking their own fur. Seems like Rascal is trying for something new.