Wednesday, February 28, 2007


February 20th, a Very Foggy Morning

We woke up to pea soup fog this morning. OK, OK, watered down pea soup. Maybe it was not the worst fog I have ever seen, but it was in the top, um, 20, anyway. So far, here on the Eastern Shore, I have never seen fog that could compare to the fog in Maine.
As I have said before on this blog, I love the way fog changes the way the world looks and sounds. It puts a new perspective on things. Patterns that we don’t notice on clear days become more noticeable with the backgrounds hidden by the fog. Vincent really wanted to cut this tree down but I told him it was too beautiful to cut, I loved the way its branches were shaped. And the birds love the little berries.
This morning’s fog was a cold penetrating fog with temps just under freezing. It was chilly walking around the yard. I decided to hike up to the end of the property see how the neighbor’s barn looked.
Back home, the feeders were under attack by the poor starving masses of birds fighting each other for a spot on one feeder or the other. Have you ever seen so many birds in one clump! And check out all of them on the ground! The blur is a finch fight. Scrappy little fellows... like there isn't enough food to go around! Like the feeders don't get refilled every day. Geeez!
Papa cardinal came and took over the mixed seed feeder.
I really love having these feeders out the computer window. I must admit they are a distraction… but so much fun!
It is hard to believe I ate my lunch sitting out in the sun in a t-shirt!


Wildflower Cabin said...

There's another cardinal for me! :o) I love the fog photos! I agree, it's a time when shapes and structures are noticed in a new way! Great post.

possum said...

I took that shot just for you, Janice!!!!