Friday, February 23, 2007


The first daffodil of the season opened Thursday and the wind flattened it a few hours after I took this shot. So I picked it and brought it inside. Thought I would share it with you........

And this is the beginning of the cold front that brought the 42 mph winds and sent me scurrying for a jacket. sigh.

I had been resting my aching back in the adirondack chair I never got put away, eyes closed, soaking up the sun, listening the birds twitter away, listening to Punkin purring on my lap, when suddenly somebody turned off the lights! I looked up and here were all these black clouds that had been nowhere in sight 10 minutes before! This shot was taken around 2:30 PM when it rained about 30 or 40 raindrops.

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Wildflower Cabin said...

Congratulations on your first born daffi! She's beautiful. :o) Your stormy sky photo is very pretty too.