Thursday, February 01, 2007


Yeah, I know, these are not good shots, but they are out my dirty windows next to the computer with the only setting I can find that will not do a flash and make the shot totally ruined. But I am glad to have a picture, as poor as it is with this cheap digital camera, of the goldfinches who have been strangely missing until about a week ago. As you can see, they are on a thistle seed feeder and thistle bag. Sometimes I have as many as 12 thistle seed feeders going at one time, and all of them are covered with birds. That is a sunflower feeder on the right protected with a pie plate and held tight with clothes pins. Real high tech! But it works. If we get the snow they say we are supposed to get in a couple of hours, this seed will remain dry. That is a chickadee's butt you can see on that feeder.

While taking the finch picture, I noticed a cardinal checking out some dropped sunflower seeds under another feeder. See how high the daffodils are? They just popped up in the last week or two and are not nearly as high as the ones on the side of the house. Again, I apologize for the poor quality of thses pics but I was excited to have 10 finches together. The tree is my big redbud.


Wildflower Cabin said...

Oh I am soooo thrilled to see the photo of the cardinal! We do not have them here and I would sure love to see one 'in person' sometime. :o) We went back east a few years ago in the month of May. I was constantly on the lookout for one, but never did see one. Your photo is the next best thing. They are such beautiful birds! All your pictures are great and it's amazing they are taken through the glass. Good job! :o)

possum said...

I have 2 pair that live here. It is so much fun to watch them raise their young.
What is amazing is how dirty that window is! Might've been a better shot otherwise!
As I type this there are 9 sparrows, 12 goldfinches and about a dozen juncos out the window with mama and papa cardinal trying to squeeze onto the feeding tray!