Sunday, June 03, 2007


Is it June already?
I can’t believe it is June already although having just had a couple of days in the eighties, why am I surprised? Along with the heat, the air is heavy with the scent of honeysuckle and magnolias.
I don’t miss the June’s of my past. Sure, it was exciting, the end of the school year. But it was also so unbelievably hectic. The kids would be crazy and the administration even crazier. Ah, but that was another lifetime, I will not dwell on that memory. Today my main concern is how many weeds I have in my garden, whether it needs to be watered, cleaning up after a winter of laziness, you know, the usual house and yard kind of things. I have really been busy – I mean REALLY! I just noticed my last post was May 21st! Shame on me! So, I will catch you up to date on the garden. The veggie garden is coming right along, but the pictures would be boring. Who needs to see a bunch of weeds anyway? I do have little peas on the vines, baby tomatoes, and the corn actually looks like corn and not just long, thick grass. I am excited, even if I don’t get to eat any of it, I still am excited. I don’t think I will build me a road side stand just yet! I did, however, rebuild the cats’ winter nest box, the one by the steps next to the back door. It is all new with lumber salvaged from the throw away pile down the street where they just built a new Sunday school building. So it is from the cut outs for the windows. The workmen were so nice, they even loaded the scraps in my van for me, glad they didn’t have to cart it off to the dumpster. It has insulation next to the wood and then a layer or 2 of carpet from old carpet samples my kids used to sit on when they sat on my classroom floor. See the vent for under the house? That is as warm as toast in the winter time – hot water baseboard heat.
Someone told me my irises were abnormally large. So I put one on here with my hand, also a large hand, holding the flower. It is bigger than a usual iris? These peonies were originally planted in Pennsylvania by my grandfather. My dad brought s couple pieces down here years ago. This one seems to be the happiest. It gets so heavy with blooms, I have to put a small fence around it to keep it standing upright.
The fringe tree was beautiful again this year.
More new iris.
Rhonda, the climbing rose
Mountain laurel, my pride and joy. It is not supposed to grow here. I brought a pile of rocks to put around it to make it feel at home. If you are not from here – we have NO rocks here on the shore.
Thanks for enjoying my garden with me. I know it isn’t much compared with other gardens, but it is a work in progress, and it keeps me doing something outside even if my doctor yells at me for over extending myself. I appreciate all your comments and encouragement. Thanks.


~ Janice ~ said...

Hi Possum! I loved your post and seeing all the beautiful flowers. They all look so colorful and healthy as they celebrate June! You did not mention the beautiful butterfly! What kind is it? I love butterflies and have not seen one like that here. All I can say, is your cats are lucky to have a mama that loves them and provides a nice warm place to snuggle in the cold months! Nice job!

Rachel said...

Very nice pictures!! That does seem to be a big iris to me!!

The cat box looks great and I'm sure it is much appreciated!!