Tuesday, June 26, 2007


June is almost over... so I thought I'd better get this on here before it was gone! June is such a busy month in the garden. It is both a month of planting and a month of harvesting. It is a slower time in the flower department, but oh, the weeds! The excitement of the azaleas is finished until fall. The daffodils are turning brown and soon will have to be cleaned up. The last iris has bloomed. There are a few late peonies. I hope next year to see some results from some of the nine new ones I planted. I think 5 of them survived the trauma. The lilies bloom in random order each year. The phlox has started to bloom. Last year they lasted until early fall. The hydrangeas are always beautiful. By solstice the roses are ready for a rest. They will be back! It is amazing to still have my pansies from last fall. And then there are the magnolias! I am wondering who I should thank for the sunflowers, the squirrels, the blue jays, or the cardinals? I have several of them here and there, 2 in the main garden, one joined the hollyhocks. I always love it when the cactus blooms. Such an intense yellow! But that also means the spines are soft for the most part, which means it is time to weed inside the cactus plant. Spook likes to supervise the weeding inside the veggie garden. He is high above the garden! See the hydrangea in the background? The Tommy-toes are getting big. Soon, soon... The corn is waist high... Berries are delicious. I like June!


ancient one said...

I love June too!! Your garden and flowers are lovely!

~ Janice ~ said...

What wonderful photos!! Everything is so beautiful. I have never seen lilies like that...what kind are they? They are ruffled! I have several sunflowers growing in the chicken yard from bird seed. They are not flowered yet, though. Thank you for the stroll through your late June garden. It's nice to see Spook is overseeing the work going on! :o)