Friday, July 06, 2007


Spook has been quite an entertainer lately. He runs up into the redbud, sometimes so high I can no longer see him from my seat here at the computer. Very distracting! And, no, there are not any birds up there. He does not usually choose feeding time to disrupt things at the bird feeders. These pictures are through my dirty window in front of the computer desk. (Like I had to tell you the window is dirty!)See the aloe plant on the window shelf? Can you find Spook in the tree?
My friends tell me I ought to have a webcam focused on this redbud. It is a busy, busy place. But would that mean I had to wash my window?????


ancient one said...

Your windows are clean enough! I didn't find Spook though. We don't have cats or dogs. Just chickens, guineas, and goats.~ann

~ Janice ~ said...

I don't see Spook in your last photo! :o) What a character. I have no idea what a redbud tree is, so I'm going to go look it up. Sure looks like a good climbing tree. :o)

Rachel said...

That looks like a very nice tree for climbing and apparently Spook thinks so too. Nah, no need for window washing. I don't see any dirt!

possum said...

Spook is in the top portion of the photo, in the middle - just his face peeping out.
Just got back from the Mountains and a visit to the Tree House...... Spook and Punkie ran as fast as they could when I called them. They have been hanging around in the back yard inspite of the 90 degree weather here. They had special snacks for supper!