Thursday, August 09, 2007

GOT SNOW????? NO?????

THINK SNOW!!!!!!!!!!
I have been told that I have a sick sense of humor, and that may be so. I also have a cat who complains terribly when it is too cold, too windy, too rainy... and now he is complaining that it is too hot. Yesterday the temps broke 100 degrees here as they did in so many other places. Today, I managed to cut the grass since it was only 90. No, I did not use the walk behind - I sat on the Deere and tooled around Possum Lane just like I had good sense. I was soaked when I came in, and covered with dust. It has not rained for a while more than a tenth of an inch or so. I took a picture of the mower's barn before it got to its peak yesterday, and decided to put it on with another picture of the same barn, same thermometer. And a complaining cat. Some folks are just never satisfied!


ancient one said...

Yep, we do complain! Your snow looks so inviting on days like we are having now! The weather men are promising it will cool off over the weekend and we can look forward to 90's next week. LOL

Places all around us got rain this afternoon but not where I live.

Oh yeah, I want to ask you, how do possums breed? LOL

possum said...

We got an inch of rain over night! It is great to know I don't have to go out and water this morning. But what a light show!!!!! And the thunder seemed to not stop for about a half an hour. Phew!
Maybe I will answer your last question in another post, as it is a long and complicated question.

Debbie J. said...

I posted snow pictures last week too!