Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have had a pair of nuthatches visiting this week. My, but they are fast! Add to it that many if not most digital cameras are really slow by the old SLR standards... anyway, the shots are not good but again, they are thru the front window, and this camera does not like telephoto adjustments... in order to keep the flash from going off, I have to use some setting that I don't understand. Oh, well... one of the shots is of the local wren, the rest are of the nuthatch - one goes to the "cage" feeder, the other to the longest feeder, but I was never able to get them both at the same time. See camera too slow comment above...
The other pics are of the nuthatches, but you really have to know what they look like in order to tell. The pic above (#1) is the only one where the markings are clearly identifiable. The wren is clearly brown (#2)
Looks like somebody has been bird watching instead of doing their work, doesn't it? OK, shame on me.
And to all my fellow bloggers, I have been reading - I just have not had time to do any comments... this computer has gotten so slow, it is not funny... and I have been so busy - ditto!


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I find digital cameras (mine at least) frustrating for some photos.

Rachel said...

I haven't had time to get around to all my blog reading and commenting lately. I don't know how some folks do it every day! They must be just so much more organized than I am or something!! Tis a mystery to me!!

Love the bird pictures. I never tire of bird watching at the feeders!!

ancient one said...

I have a slow camera and also a slow computer so I have learned to be very patient...LOL