Friday, September 14, 2007


Last Sunday, my neighbor dumped a ton of wood chips, I can't exactly say mulch, out at the end of my turn-around. He just got a chipper, and these were his practice pieces. They are too coarse to use as mulch, but are great for filling in some places back on the trail where the tree roots have started presenting a problem for the mower or people walking thru there. I spent several hours scooping chips into a wheel barrow (my big one has a flat tire) and got the pile down a ways. I also hurt my back - duh - but I am resigned to the fact that I will never learn because I will always think I can... I think I can, I think I can... which beats whining because I can't. Doesn't it??? So, on Wednesday, I gave myself a birthday present, a few days early, but what the heck... I bought a cart to go with my new Deere. On Friday, I did serious damage to the pile of mulch! Ah, yes, that is a snow shovel. Since we seldom have snow, I have found lots of uses for the snow shovel. Scooping mulch or wood chips is just one of them. Lots faster and lighter weight than a regular shovel!

Ahhhh, almost done. But then, so is my back. The little pile left can wait or I won't be able to walk. Gotta keep movin'! At least most of it is some place else and the big pile is gone before it rains tonight. Inshallah! I hope Rachael gets some rain, too. They say this will be the remnants of Humberto. Well, I don't care if it is Humberto, Pedro or Cheech and Chong, just as long as it is rain. Amen.

I do hope to get back on and answer your blogs... I have been reading them... kind of hit and miss... just haven't had any real uninterrupted time to answer. Thanks, ya'all for your patience. Now I gotta run to the store, bank and vet's and PO. I think we are going to have to eat out tonight... sure is lookin that way!


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Lucky you got the chips up before the rain. Soaked with rain they would really put a strain on your back.

Enjoy the long overdue rain. Then stand back and watch the grass grow.

ancient one said...

You did a good job on that pile of chips. I did some of that last summer, but this year it was so hot I didn't even make the effort.