Saturday, December 01, 2007


This post was not up even one hour when a neighbor asked me why Yule Tide was not included, that they thought it was especially beautiful this year, also. So I put on my jacket and hobbled out front with my camera. Ta Da! - Yule Tide..... or at least part of it. Yule Tide is over 10 feet tall.

Gee, ya can't get away with nothin'!


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Great pictures in past several posts. Thanks for sharing them.
I have finally gotten around to adding you to my links - hope that is okay.

Rachel said...

Of course you can't get away with anything like that with a neighbor that reads your blog! All your pictures are so pretty. It's obvious you have green thumbs on both hands and maybe some green fingers too!! :)

ancient one said...

I'm glad she made you go back out to take the picture of Yule Tide..LOL