Saturday, December 01, 2007


I hope you are not tired of my camellias yet, but even I am amazed!
We have had quite a drought this year like so many of you all... so I am absolutely amazed at the blooms on the fall camellias -I really expected bare bushes this year - but instead, I have had more blooms this year than I can remember.
This bush is 8 feet wide and over 8 feet tall! Notice how the branches are bending due to the weight of all the blooms? The ground is covered with dead petals.
These camellias have been hit by 2 heavy frosts, you can see the dead blooms on Ice Angel and all the petals on the ground from finished flowers on Spice Lady. There are more buds left to open! And the bushes are busy with bees when it warms up to about 50 degrees.
The trees and bushes that have berries are overloaded, too. Maybe they liked the drought???? Maybe it is a survival thing? I'll save those pictures for the next post.

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ancient one said...

They are all beautiful!!