Thursday, February 21, 2008



I feel like a Yo-Yo, and February is jerking my string! Monday was T-shirt weather… well, OK, it was if you were in the sun. It sure was not one of those 80 degree surprises, but 60 is great! I can live very comfortably with that! It was a good day to pull out some honeysuckle. I have figured out that honeysuckle doubles its size over the winter. I really did not have the time, but I had to do it, I just had to get away from the papers and lessons and notes and get outside. I also had to water the stuff in the greenhouse which is still blooming profusely! Geraniums and impatiens in February! Love it! Anyway, on Tuesday “they” started warning us that we might get a bit of snow by Thursday. Déjà vu, all over again????? Then on Wednesday, the weather folk both to the north (Salisbury, MD) and the south (Norfolk, Virginia) all reassured us that we would have a bit of rain but definitely no snow. So I took the following pictures of the “rain” at 9 PM last night. The flakes of rain were huge and wet and heavy. Consequently, it was a winter wonderland out there. Punkin, always in hopes of getting a bit of a back scratch, followed me out into the night’s weather. It was so beautiful out there. I am not too sure the weathermen appreciated my pictures. I realize it is really hard to predict the weather here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, with the Chesapeake Bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Most of us watch both the northern forecast then turn to the southern one and make our own guess based on what we feel or smell in the air. It is a very exact science, reading your bones and sniffing the air! Well, I am correct as often as they are, and more often correct than any groundhog! Anyway, it is cold out there, though the snow is melting under the “heat” of the sun. The light is on in the greenhouse. Buddha is wearing his hat of snow. I just had to take that picture when I got home from the Dr’s office. And now I had better get to work! I am really running behind.
Fellow bloggers, I am trying to keep up, but I have a MAJOR paper due, and am running out of time!


Rachel said...

We haven't had much snow here but we might get some sleet tonight. The pictures are so pretty.

I'm with you about trying to judge the weather forecast! We live in the southern part of KY so we don't get it as rough as northern KY. Even they usually have it pretty mild though.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

My mother always said this is the beginning of Spring. 65 years ago, she went into the hospital to delivery me. Two weeks later the discharged her ( in those days you got a vacation after giving birth) and it was Spring, or so she thought. In reality I think I cheered her up so much it made it seen like Spring, in the deep South. . .Southern Ontario, that is.

ancient one said...

I loved this post, especially the picture that says Not Rain!! So far we have had no snow ... but that's fine with me...I'll just enjoy yours..LOL

Janice said...

Great photos, and those pink Camelias look lovely, even with their blanket of white over them!
Roll on Spring! :o)

ninni said...

what a world!