Thursday, February 07, 2008


SUMMERTIME, but the living was not easy! Yesterday the temps hit 80. Guess the Possum's prediction was true at least for a couple of days. If you look carefully, you will see I am wearing a short sleeved T-shirt! Windows were open! Ratty (Rascal) got in some serious bird watching.
Today I can hardly walk. Now I wonder what the connection might be????? Think it might have anything to do with trying to move those digitalis I have wanted to move since December? Or the weeds that needed to be pulled around the bottom of the fence around my tiny veggie garden? Or the netting that needed to be replaced over the blueberry patch????? I don't know when the rest of the digitalis will get moved... but it won't be today!
And I am so grateful we did not get any of the storms that destroyed so many lives on its way across the country. We did not even get any rain. Gotta carry water to those digitalis.
I hope you did not have any weather problems, that the storm quietly passed you by.


Ralph said...

80's !! Right now I would kill for that kind of weather. Being able to be outside without shivering would be a nice bonus.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

We had some warm weather too! It rose to about -5C which allowed it to snow for two days. These things are relative, I guess. We are back to the deep freeze. -24C.
In a month. we should see signes of Spring.