Monday, February 11, 2008


This is Caleb and Curious George. Now why did I think Curious George would have to be a monkey???? Silly me! Anyway, Caleb went to a circus last week and his favorite part of the whole thing was being able to be near the animals. The highlight of the trip was being extremely close to Curious George! All I can say is, “That’s my boy!”
I was reminded of some years ago when our PTA brought a show with lizards and snakes and I don’t remember what all. The guy running the show asked the teachers if one of them would come up and carry this 6 foot long python around so the kids could see it. The teachers closest to an exit immediately disappeared, the others schooched down behind their kids. The kids looked all around to see who was going to be the brave one and I was the only teacher left standing. Well, I did not volunteer right away because I did not want to deprive anyone else of the opportunity. For real! I am not scared of snakes, with the exception of water moccasins which will come after you. I am not fond of copperheads, but they will usually run away from you. Anyway, I volunteered to walk the snake around the auditorium. I was surprised at how heavy it was. The kids thought I was so totally cool. I got some serious respect from the BIG BAD boys that lasted a long time.
About a month later, the mother of one of my boys came to school for a PTA program wearing her pet python around her neck. The office called me to the front of the building to escort mama back to her car and explain to her the policy about having uncontained “pets” in the building. The secretary was hiding in the storage closet, the principal was peeking thru a crack in her door. I admired the snake in the appropriate manner and walked her back out to the car. Mama was not happy, she wanted to go to her kid’s room way on the other end of the school… she had promised him she would be there with ‘Monty.” Yeah, I know, not real original on the name, but at least I can remember it! I don’t remember mama’s name… I explained the policy a number of times, suggested she call the SBO or better yet, why not take Monty to the SBO and get permission! The devil made me do that one. I guess it is a good thing she didn’t.
Anyway, Caleb apparently had a fine time with George! That’s my boy. His other grandmother did not even want to see the picture!!!!! Can you imagine?????

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Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am not fond of snakes. Part of it is guilt for as a young child i did aweful things to snakes, which I deeply regret.

There are not poisonous snakes where I live and no really big one's, one of the many advantageous of living here.

You and your grandson have s real gift if you are comfortable handling snakes.