Sunday, March 16, 2008

THE IDES OF MARCH more or less

Middle March... a golden time of year... gold as in daffodils, (I just love the old fashioned tiny ones!)forsythia and goldfinches. Can you count the finches on this feeder? This is the new 2 sock feeder, so you are only seeing one side of one sock! But, the trees are starting to do their thing, so soon the gold will be overpowered by the pinks and reds and whites and then the greens. I am sure the Buddhas and St Fwankie are enjoying the hint of warmer weather and blooms here and blooms to come as the buds fill out on everything.


Rachel said...

It all looks so lovely!!! It's not quite that green here but the daffodils (some of them) are blooming and the tulips are getting up there!

The finches are really enjoying the feast you have for them!!

I love to see forsythia blooming! It's so pretty!

ancient one said...

Your little corner is much prettier than mine. I had cut the forsythia way back last year, so I had little bushes. Same with the azaelas... which are just starting to bloom.

It would be pretty here today, but the wind cuts right through you! So I didn't tarry out side too long!!