Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Better late than never...
This is becoming a regular theme, isn't it? But, as a dear, dear friend of mine once said, each time I turn around, I find my tempest has fugited. Now if you never took Latin and abused it, you might be scratching your head. So lets try it another way. In PA Dutch country, they have a saying - The faster I go the behinder I get. That would be me. Only I am no longer capable of going fast, let alone faster. Anyway, since I was on here last, Spring has sprung, not only in Ernest, but on the Eastern Shore as well. The peepers have been peeping for a couple of weeks, crocus and daffodils are up, trees are popping their buds, and the forsythia is beginning to show off. The goldfinches are looking silly as they change from their winter drab to the spring LOOK AT ME colors and continue to try to eat me out of house and home. Can you believe I bought another finch feeder? Well, the squirrel kinda tore big holes in the other one, so I found a double sock replacement. Much easier to fill, also.
The camellias are all in bloom, some just starting, some finishing but still beautiful. I have been so busy with my studies, I just don't seem to have any time anymore to do anything else. And soon, if I can walk (which I can't right now) I will have a ton of yard work to do. Last years weeds are greening up. I swear some of them can grow under the snow. Not that we've had that much, but you get my point. But, it is an exciting time of the year.
The baby eagles are fuzzy and hungry. We are waiting for the ospreys to come back. Several hundred robins went thru here last week. I LOVE to hear them when they go thru; and there are presently about 2 thousand snow geese in the fields next to my house. It looks like we had a deep snow out on the tomato fields. The geese eat the spring wheat that is currently covering the fields. When they are trying to get settled in, they make so much noise we can barely hear each other here in the house about five hundred feet away. I think it is so cool then that they all shut up at the same time, like there is a conducter standing in front of them and he pinches his fingers together and SILENCE! If only we could do that in the classroom! And yes, I am back tutoring - Math! to second graders! Bless their little hearts. Like I really have the time to be doing that, too. I must confess, some days I cannot walk as far as their classroom, and so I stay home. Then I remember this is why I retired. And the wheelchair is too much of a distraction in the room, so, forget that. Anyway, enjoy the flowers... and the warmer days.
To my blogger friends (you know who you are) I have been reading... but my computer is not cooperating when I try to leave a comment. I keep getting error messages and we can't do this page... It has taken 3 hours to just do this post as I have had to redo most of the pictures 2 or 3 times. ????????????


imac said...

Top class photos possum.

If you didnt understand TG - thats ok - I knew of someone who went by the name of Possum, who I lost contact with from the same area - but no worries.
Nice to meet you Possum.:)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

We still have heavy snow cover. Spring seem so far away yet. You pictures sure make it look inviting.

I did take Latin back when it was taught in every high school, BS (Before Sputnick). And when I was a child we had a neighbour's summer log cabin named Tempus Fugit (Time Flies).

Rhodent said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! One thing I miss living in this part of Florida is the spring blooms of the "bulbs"

My elm trees are just starting to sprout their new leaves and the oak trees here are finally ending their bloom stage. I love the spring!