Saturday, May 03, 2008


I meant to get this done last week - obviously I didn't make it. To say I have been busy is such an understatement!

I consider April the MONTH OF MAGIC! And the month of May ain't too bad either! Let me share my yard with you! We have had enough rain to make the weeds grow and whatever that stuff is that passes for grass out there. Hey! It is green......... I have figured my body will not let me do all the cutting in one day, so I am working on it. The yard is looking awesome (from a distance) as the azaleas bloom away.
The lilacs were beautiful, the pansies have perked up and the late camellias are still looking good. The redbud has faded. The Lily-of –the Valley is blooming and the big peony has buds. The little peonies are up. I hope I live to see them bloom. The first iris has opened.People stop out in the road when they see me working out front and compliment my yard. Funny, none of them ever volunteer to to help weed or shovel mulch.
The geraniums and last year’s impatiens are out of the greenhouse and looking good.

In the veggie garden, the onions are up about 6 inches and peas about 3 inches. Apparently the frost did not hurt them! Frank came over on Thursday a week ago to redo the rest of the garden, turn the baby weeds under and get it ready for the string beans. I bought the tomato plants and a few squash and cucumber plants on Wednesday. By Thursday afternoon, I had all the seeds in the ground, 2 rows of Le France string beans, 2 rows of wax beans, a row of Ford Hook limas, a circle of pole beans, a row of carrots, 2 rows of flat Italian string beans, and 12 tomato plants. I also got some seeds started. On Friday, I planted the cucumbers, watermelon and squash. Believe it or not, several rows of beans are thru the ground and have a couple of leaves on them! Is that fast or what?
There are flowers on the blueberries and strawberries. Last year’s asparagus is up and alive, and I have noticed a couple new shoots from the new asparagus plants. Needless to say, I am exhausted, but excited to get it done. Now if I could only get control of the weeds.

The fringe tree is fringing... that is always so cool...
Buddha always loves this time of year... So do I.
To my fellow bloggers - I have been "lurking" while eating my lunch - just haven't had any breaks long enough to answer you. Sorry. Maybe we will get a nice rainy day and I can get some time on here!

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Rachel said...

What a lovely garden you have. Those lilacs are so pretty I can almost smell them!! My iris' are blooming now too!! I see the Mantis tiller at work (don't I?)! They are wonderful machines!!