Monday, May 12, 2008



First, I wanted to share a few um, slightly unusual pictures with you, and my blog kept translating everything to Hindi. Well, that is pretty to look at, but just a tad hard to read. Anyway, here are some strange little pictures that just don't fit in any particular category.This lovely lady was at the entrance to the motel at Smith Mountain Lake where we stayed when we celebrated Caleb's birthday. See her earring?
Washed my sneakers the other day, put them outside to dry. I long ago learned to check for critters before I brought any shoes back inside, and there was this little critter! See him? A Praying Mantis. In a Nike. Well, the cat tries to stick his head in there all the time, so why not a Praying Mantis? And then, there is the arm in the tree... can you see it? Sleeve rolled up almost to the shoulder, see the elbow, hand????? If it ever stops raining, I will take this shot again and get closer to it... Among my favorite creatures in the Hobbit series were the Ents, remember them? I am sure this is one of them!


Ralph said...

I would like to see that last picture a little closer up.

Rachel said...

I agree with Ralph about the last picture!! I can't see an elbow or sleeve......

I'm so glad you saw the praying mantis before putting your shoe on and squishing the little thing!!

Word verification is cobbpec!! LOL

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The praying mantis is smaller than the one's I remember seeing them in the deep south (Southern Ontario, that is.)