Sunday, May 25, 2008

The END of MAY

The end of May... where has it gone?????
As we get ready to finish this month, I have been asked about Snuffy who had surgery for a tumor on the underside of his tongue. He is still eating baby food (at a buck a jar!) and is finally gaining back a bit of weight (at 3 jars a day!) He still has trouble getting the cat food down, even when it is in his specially elevated dish. But, he is happy and still with us, 10 years longer than we ever expected.

Out in the yard, a new peony has opened. I am real excited because I have not had much luck with red peonies here in Virginia. We have TONS of peonies at the house in PA, but I will miss them this year as we will not get up there in time. I will be studying with the Dalai Lama in July and so will wait to go to the Poconos after I have finished at the University. So I am thrilled that this one opened!

The shed is done. I still need to find a latch for the doors, but am not going to drive 60 miles for that! It will wait. The Mountain Laurel is open. The climbing rose is blooming as is the Peace rose. The clemetis is beautiful this year. That is St Fwankie behind the clemetis. The robins have fledged. Look carefully. How many do you see? There were 3 of them in this tiny nest! You can see 2 of them in this picture. I scared them yesterday when I went out to fill the feeders. They blasted out of the camellia, one went up into the tree, one ran to a bush, and one ran out into the road. Now most of you know I can barely walk, let alone run! But I went out in the road after the littlest robin. OMG! Have you ever tried to catch a baby robin? But, I kept going finally scooping him up about a mile away. Well, that is what my knees and back said... and put him safely back in the nest. The feeders remain empty. sigh.

It is Memorial Day week-end. Pray for Peace. Pray for healing. Pray someone will find a way to bring our troops home. Pray the killing will end. Pray for healing, for all of us. Have a safe and thoughtful week-end.

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Rachel said...

Just lovely pictures!! Peonies are so pretty but they never last very long. The shed looks great!

I'm glad Snuffy is still with you and doing well!! I would never have thought of feeding a cat baby food.

Our Memorial Day has been pretty routine with lovely weather, but it's getting ready to storm now. It's pretty warm so I hope we don't get bad storms.

Oh, the roses are so pretty!! Love the color of the peace rose!!