Tuesday, December 29, 2009


THE DAY OF THE DINOSAURS – AT LAST came a few days after Christmas.
It is hard to believe… the birthday dinosaurs and John Deere trucks, fire trucks and heavy equipment are finally out of the van and have been opened by 2 very energetic little boys! What will I do when I don’t have to move the big green dinosaur in order to put the cat’s cages in the van… will I miss the sirens going off on the emergency vehicles every time I hit a bump in the road???? I won’t know what to do with all the empty space in front of the fireplace. Now before you think these kids are spoiled rotten (even if that is the case) let me give you my excuse… several of the dinos were for Caleb’s birthday back in April. We were all packed and ready to go – cats in the kennel – everything – and his Dad called and told us Caleb had pneumonia. Trip cancelled. So, we made plans to go over for Briar’s birthday… Briar’s dad couldn’t get the time off in August, so we aimed for September. This time I was very, very sick. I was still going to try – Lyme’s is not contagious, but my doctor convinced me that if I tried, it could kill me. It is a long trip – 312 miles back door to back door. Once I got better – or well enough to travel – the weather turned very nasty, and we have had a nor'easter every week-end since, and now, there is snow. Sigh. Don’t remind me that I learned to drive in Maine – that was a hundred years ago! So, Ed drove his wife and the boys over here. Caleb finally got to play with his birthday dinosaurs and his Christmas dino-bones. He also likes snakes. We tried to keep this out of his grandmother’s range of vision… Briar was mostly into grab and rip. I guess that is typical for a 4 year old. A couple of times he just opened a package and threw the contents aside while grabbing the next package away from Caleb. The men had fun just trying to figure how to get the things unscrewed and unfastened and out of the boxes. Cousin Joseph liked the noisy ones with the flashing lights. Men never really grow up, do they? I am still not quite sure what this is – just that it was high on Briar's wish list. Caleb had fun with the dinosaur puppet. Eventually they worked their way down to the books and school science projects. Since they were mostly about dinosaurs, they were a big hit, too! After the initial ripping open frenzy was over, Caleb very kindly cleaned the papers off the floor and put the stuff in a trash bag. Don’t you just love it when they get a little age and become helpful? I didn’t have to clean up a thing!


Grenville T. Boyd said...

No Dino's???? Ya'll will be soooo lonely....
Glad they had fun,,, and you too!!!!

W. Va. Fur and Root said...

You can't spoil younguns by giving them their heart's desires - only if you just give them stuff with no love or discipline to back it up.

Happy New Year!

Ginnie said...

Those pictures reminded me of when my children were those ages !
Here's wishes for a Happy New Year.