Wednesday, December 09, 2009


WELL, ONCE AGAIN, it has rained - and it was enough rain to close the schools. We have had another 2.74 inches of rain in the last 12 hours. Now as an isolated event, that would not be a problem, but it seems to be a weekly occurance lately. We just had a mini Nor'easter over the week-end (see the Santa Train) and have not dried out from that or the couple of nor'easters before that one, starting with the one that lasted 4 days a few weeks ago. AND... they say the one we are supposed to get THIS week-end will bring SNOW with it. Snow before Christmas is a rare event here and usually is an omen for a very cold winter. At this moment, it is 62 degrees, but it hit freezing 2 mornings ago - there was a fine film of ice on the birdbath.

Anyway, as a record of this last 12 hours - here is my "waterfront" and back property - or at least as much of it as I could get to. It was over my boots in places, over a foot deep in a few spots that I could get to - but with the ground so soft, I did not see any point in wading thru the mud and water to see how bad it was. I just stuck to the acre closest to the house. All the barns were surrounded by water. There are little islands where the mulch around plants has built up the land a bit. The blueberry "cage" is an island. The pathways back in the woods look like little streams. Buddha appreas to be sitting lakeside. Again, many of the leaves and sticks are floating on top of the water so it LOOKS like you might be able to walk thru it, but in reality, the water will go over your feet to your ankles. Surprise! I was not out there alone... the geese were flying over, thousands of Snows, heading south. It is always a treat to see and hear the Snow geese.

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ancient one said...

Love that geese shot... I was on the front porch sweeping last week and one lone duck was honking his way past our place...he was flying alone..