Sunday, May 16, 2010


LUCY AND LUCKY have been at it again. (Let's hear a big cheer!) Remember Lucy? The poor little goose that was kept trapped in a crate until she was basically so deformed that she will never fly? The poor little goose that got goosenapped over a year ago and walked over a month thru God knows what kind of conditions to get "home" to the unmentioned place where the game warden took her for sanctuary after the crated beginning of her life? If you remember those stories, you might remember that Lucy met Lucky last year and they took up a courtship. They had a nest and eggs, but, sadly, things did not work out too well. This year, they nested again, papa fiercely defended the nest,
and 2 little fuzz balls hatched out of the 3 eggs. In her excitement, Lucy herded them down to the pond, oblivious to the 3rd little egg just barely cracking open. By the time #3 got out of the egg and scrambled (OK, bad choice of words) to the top of the nest, Lucy and Lucky were coaxing #s 1 and 2 into the water for their first swim. Little 3, fortunately, was spotted wandering around the nest that was no longer being guarded by Lucky, so a kind pair of hands scooped him up and headed down to the pond. By this time Lucy was out away from the shore, but another mama and daddy were coaxing their newly hatched 3 some into the water. The kind featherless biped put #3 on the edge of the pond. The new papa of the 3 babies just getting into the water, apparently either flunked math class or he was just a kind hearted old goose (I prefer the latter idea) and he immediately started coaching #3 with words of encouragement and finally got him in the water, too, urging him to go out and join his wife and 3 goslings. Thus, Number 3 became Number 4, and was welcomed into the bigger family. Last count, the baby population was up to 17 youngsters waddling and paddling around and learning how to beg treats from the BIG featherless ones.

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